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Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal is the first online publication to bring a public focus to social innovators and their nonprofit organizations, foundations and social sector businesses in the Greater Philadelphia area, to recognize their successes and encourage others around the country to strive for similar results. As a forum for the region’s foremost social innovators, the Journal shares their expertise, strategies and ideas about topics such as leadership, human capital and disruptive innovation.

The nonprofit sector attracts many young professionals to its ranks, but often fails to provide career guidance and a path by which they can develop their skills and become future leaders in their chosen field. This on-line journal will provide much needed information for these young professionals and will show them that this region is geared to providing them with the tools to be successful. The Philadelphia Foundation believes in building the capacity of the nonprofit sector and sees investing in the online journal as yet another way to build the sector's capacity to develop future leaders.”

Andrew Swinney, President, The Philadelphia Foundation

Innovation Themes

  • Special Editions
    Presents a comprehensive overview and in-depth analysis of an issue faced by the region and nation.
  • Featured Social Innovations
    Profiles an innovative, proven-effective (or proven-ineffective) solution to an important social, environmental or organizational problem.
  • Editorials
    Features the opinion of a provocative thought leader in a nonprofit, a socially responsibly business or a government agency.
  • Disruptive Innovations
    Profiles an innovative, promising, yet still unproven solution to an important social, environmental or organizational problem.
  • What Works & What Doesn't Work
    Presents an in-depth analysis of a management challenge faced by a nonprofit, a socially responsible business or a government agency
  • Leadership
    Relates the experiences of a provoking and credible leader in a nonprofit, a socially responsible business, or a government agency.
  • Columns
    Features future trends within the social sector by cutting edge thought provoking leaders.
  • Nominated Innovations
  • Book Reviews

National Partners

The Bridgespan Group Stanford Social Innovation Review Eisenhower Fellowships The White House Public/Private Ventures Innosight Institute Community Wealth Ventures, Inc.

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